Tough Guy  Jon Bluming
Tough Guy Jon Bluming

The so-called “Beast of Amsterdam” is still well-known fixture in the dojos of Europe. A 10th Dan in Karate and 9th Dan in Judo, a decorated veteran of two tours with the Dutch Marines in Korea, Jon Bluming began his martial arts training in Holland in 1953. In 1959, he continued his martial art training in Japan, studying with legendary teachers that included Donn Draeger, Mas Oyama, Kenji Kurosaki, and Ichitaro Kuroda. He quickly mastered techniques in judo, Kyokushin Kai karate, iaido, and jodo. His competitive performances in Japan soon drew the awe and respect of his colleagues... and the public. After returning to Europe, he coached the Belgian and Dutch national karate teams, and some of his better-known students include Olympic judo champion Willem Ruska, world sambo champion Chris Dolman, and current RINGS champion Dick Vrij.

Although his muscle was employed with efficiency by strip club owners in Amsterdam’s Red Light district, Bluming has a softer, more cultured side. In fact, he seems more like the incarnation of the classic Samurai warrior. He is well-versed in Japanese culture, and his small tidy house on the outskirts of Amsterdam is a virtual museum of arms and armor, books and art prints. A serene Japanese garden sits out back of the house, replete with a prize-winning Koi pond.

But back in the dojo, Bluming tolerates no disrespect, and his students mirror his philosophy, and certainly, his warrior code of honor.

During the course of the production of MARTIAL ARTS: THE REAL STORY, Bluming discussed the essence of his philosophy.

“Martial Arts isn’t the mystical practice that many believe. It’s a hard way of life. It means be yourself, try to improve yourself, be honorable to everybody…. But once someone tries to shaft you – really whack him!”

And Bluming has made good on his word as TOUGH GUY will reveal – both on the street and in the gym. And his tradition is carried on by his students, whose adventures and travails will be covered as they compete for coveted trophies in competitions around the world, all under the watchful eye of their beloved tough guy.

Jon Bluming made his first appearance in Pacific Street’s 2000 documentary Martial Arts: The Real Story. Well into his 70’s he continues to serve as leader of Europe’s International Budo Kai Kan Foundation.


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