Film School  The Quest for the Fabled Three-Picture Deal
Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese at NYU

The story of a young film school student seeking an “identity” amid the turbulence of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, FILM SCHOOL will tell a sweeping -- often comedic -- tale of sex, drugs and 16mm film. Incorporating actual footage shot by Joel Sucher and Steve Fischler during their stay at NYU Film School, this unique “coming-of-age” approach will offer a story book chronicle of what it takes to make it (or fail) in the film business. With cameo appearances by Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone, drawn from the Pacific Street archives, FILM SCHOOL will take a look at a world where raw ambition and boundless energy may still not be enough to get you noticed. Program Description | Video Preview

Anarchism Revisited: Voices and Visions
Anarchism in America  
In 1979 Pacific Street Films traveled around the country searching out anarchists and exploring the controversial idea that the values that many consider “American,” are very close to those espoused by this misunderstood philosophy. Does anarchism, and its history, have any relevance for the new millennium? Pacific Street Films takes a critical look at a new generation of activists, both here and abroad, to see how they compare to the anarchist icons of yesteryear. Program Description

Secret Army  The True Story of SOG
The first comprehensive look at the U.S. military’s most secret operations during the Vietnam war, seen through the eyes of the men who lived it. From its shadowy beginnings, as the offspring of the OSS and the CIA, to a legacy which shaped today's most elite special operations troops, this documentary will lead the viewer back into the heart of "darkness," following the exploits of a small, elite group of soldiers who crossed the borders of Laos and Cambodia to wage a secret war.
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High Flight
HIGH FLIGHT will introduce a wide audience to a truly long-standing love affair, a passion for wings that has been shared by many generations of men and women. It is a wish to soar with the birds that has driven humankind to greater and greater heights. It's a story fraught with passion, filled with adventure, poetry and art. Program Description

Tough Guy  Jon Bluming

Jon Bluming
A documentary adventure focusing on the legendary “Beast of Amsterdam,” Jon Bluming, who many consider the toughest street fighter in the world. From his early years as a Dutch marine fighting in Korea, to his training at the Japanese Kodokan and his employment as a bouncer in Amsterdam’s red light district, Bluming’s warrior philosophy has influenced several generations of martial artists.
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