Financial Literacy  Necessary Education for Young People

Pacific Street Films is a leader in the production of high-quality, educational video focusing on economics and financial literacy. The three series produced to-date are available for distribution to schools and community groups nationwide. The Economics Classroom, supported by the Annenberg Foundation, is crafted as a series of continuing education workshops for high school economics teachers. Risky Business and Financing Your Future – both produced for the National Council on Economic Education ( are aimed at high school students and young adults and designed to be used by classroom teachers as well as parents, civic leaders and anyone interested in building a strong foundation for future financial literacy.

The Economics Classroom is a series of eight one-hour workshops designed to provide teachers with a solid foundation for teaching the major concepts covered in high school economics courses. In addition to defining economics concepts and outlining modern economic theory, the programs review the national standards for economics education and provide effective lesson plans and classroom strategies. The accompanying print guide and Web site provide a complete package for the professional development of high school economics and social studies teachers.

Programs include:

  1. How Economists Think
  2. Why Markets Work
  3. The Government’s Hand
  4. Learning, Learning, Saving
  5. Trading Globally
  6. The Building Blocks Of Macroeconomics
  7. Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  8. Growth and Entrepreneurship

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Risky Business: What Every Teenager Needs to Know about Living Smart, supported by the Allstate Foundation, demonstrates to teenagers how sound decision-making can empower people and provide greater opportunities for success, fortune, freedom and overall well-being. This comprehensive educational package includes videos that show students how making well-informed decisions can help young people build a financially successful and satisfying life. Each video is complemented with standards-based classroom lesson plans that teachers, parents and mentors can use to reinforce the concepts demonstrated in the videos.

Programs include:

  1. Invest In Yourself: Get A Good Education
  2. Take Care of Yourself: Sound Health Decisions Make you Healthier and Wealthier
  3. Use Credit Wisely: What You Don’t Know About Credit Can Hurt You
  4. Expect The Unexpected: Managing Risk and Insuring Your Future

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Financing Your Future, supported by the Citigroup Foundation, is aimed primarily at high school students and illustrates how sound choices can build financial success.  Each of the five video segments on the DVD introduces major principles of personal finance in an entertaining, accessible, and academically appropriate manner.

Programs include:

  1. Get A Financial Life
  2. Get Smart: Decisions have Consequences
  3. Get Banked: The Banking Advantage
  4. Get The Credit You Deserve
  5. Get A Financial Plan

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Each series was developed by Pacific Street Films in consultation with a blue-ribbon design committee of leading economic educators, curriculum experts, classroom teachers, and personal finance experts.