Anders Bramsen
2005-Present - Editor for Pacific Street Films

Anders Bamsen is a diligent worker, with an enormous talent in film and video editing. It’s his conceptual approach to filmmaking that makes him the editor he is. His rhythm and style is always forward looking and innovative. Bramsen has worked on a number of important projects for Pacific Street Films and has made high-level contributions that have been critical to their success.

- Steven Fischler
President, Pacific Street Films

Currently working on:

Surveillance City: In Search of the New Big Brother
Produced by: Pacific Street Films

Joel Sucher and Steven Fischler update their 1971 classic, Red Squad, a spy vs. spy documentary that pitted a group of nosy NYU film students against the surveillance apparatus of both the New York City Police Department and the FBI. While Big Brother then had somewhat of a human face, today’s Big Brother is of a different character altogether.

Completed projects:

Beyond Wiseguys: Italian Americans & The Movies
Produced by: Pacific Street Films & Beachcomber Films
Executive Producer: John Turturro

Beyond Wiseguys is a feature-length documentary that uses vérité footage, film clips and extraordinary interviews with prominent Italian American film artists to explore the personal experiences that brought them all to the movies.

Financing Your Future and Risky Business: What Every Teenager Needs to Know about Living Smart

Two multi-part financial literacy series for the Allstate Foundation and for the Citigroup Foundation (consisting of four and five episodes respectively).